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LogiMICS: Logic approach to Systems and Data Modeling and Analysis


The LogiMICS computer research team was formally created on 01/10/2012 from three "historic" teams from the MAS Laboratory: the Business Intelligence Research Chair, the InForSys and MASDOM teams. It consists of Mr. Aiguier, P. Ballarini, C. Hudelot, P. Le Gall, Laurent Cabaret, several research engineers, post-doctoral fellows and PhD students, for a total of a dozen people. The general theme of the LogiMICS cluster concerns the definition of computer methods and tools based on rigorous modelling of the targeted field based on formalisms such as logic, graphs, category theory or automatons.

Two main themes emerge:
- Data management, modeling and visualization,
- and the use of formal methods to model, analyze, test, verify, validate systems.

MTVĀ² working group and access to LogiMICS